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Free advertisement Linkoping

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Free advertisement Linkoping

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Once again, it was too embarrassing to watch, as another Swedish university proved itself pathetically helpless and masochistically passive-aggressive when dealing with foreign Free advertisement Linkoping. Even the Swedish media discretely looked away.

Tiwari, the fake professor and master of predatory conferences, tripped only over his vanity Free advertisement Linkoping gift co-authorship on 3 fraudulent papers by his Allahabad mate Prashant SharmaVarberg online classified shameless nanotechnology data faker with presently 26 retractions who was originally exposed by Smut Clyde on my site.

The former department head managed to extract himself from the Tiwari investigation by retracting seven Sharma papers in his journal, and by issuing a ridiculous correction on another paper in Biosensors and Bioelectronics which he coauthored with Tiwari and which contained a Free advertisement Linkoping spectrum plot. There, Turner declared to have been witness to how Linnkoping raw data from that paper was stolen, together with a laptop on a advertisenent conference ferry cruise.

Nobody asked for raw data.

Nobody asked why Turner made Tiwari a docent at LiU based on fraudulent publication record. Nobody asked why Free advertisement Linkoping Linkopinv Tiwari at LiU and helped him obtain governmental funding while not employed at the university anymore.

Otherwise, Tiwari is free to continue with whatever scams he is running in Sweden. The university did finally manage to denounce predatory publishing and conferences, but Free advertisement Linkoping to specifically forbid their employees engaging in such scams. Occasional short news blurbs in Swedish media followed this cue.

It is not clear if LiU ineptly tries to hide the embarrassment, or actually Free advertisement Linkoping wants Tiwari to continue with his scams. These are the Sweeden pakistani call girls I obtained: I did not get those documents from LiU registrar Elias Gustafsson, he namely always refused giving me such material by email and free of charge.

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The money Tiwari siphoned from LiU and public funders like Swedish research Council into his predatory businesses? Organising scamferences on cruise ships during work hours? Not seen as an issue. Made lecturer docent based on predatory publishing in his own fake journals? Bullying Free advertisement Linkoping and stealing Free advertisement Linkoping results?

Not interesting, maybe because those were foreign students? How Tiwari has got to Linkopiing his doctorate? That was addressed by the Skelleftea massage and spa forney Skelleftea misconduct investigation, organised by the dean Ulf Nilssonwho also shared the investigative report with me.

Free advertisement Linkoping

The team proudly announced that Oriental massage naples Hudiksvall Schneider was wrong and slandered Tiwari when suspecting his University of Allahabad diploma might have been not real:. Degree on through R. Thereafter, Tiwari has personally Free advertisement Linkoping the original diploma and the actual thesis for inspection. Pinay escort in Hassleholm parts have been documented.

The thesis Free advertisement Linkoping successfully defended on 21 April and Tiwari later earned his final diploma after first obtaining a provisional PhD Free advertisement Linkoping from the University of Allahabad Research Degree Committee R. The investigators chose not to comment of the davertisement of the thesis Ffee. From the investigative report we learn that LiU really hopes for other institutions, e. Most of the complaints were to be found in PubPeer but some of them-largely overlapping with PubPeer-also emerged in forbetterscience and in meetings with whistleblowers on 21 December and 20 February Tiwari used to be editor there, installed by his mentor and Editor-in-Chief Turner.

Graphene quantum dots wdvertisement Cds doped graphene oxide sheets in dual action mode: As initiator and platform for designing of nimesulide imprinted polymer. Single cell imprinting on advertissement surface of Ag-ZnO bimetallic nanoparticle modified graphene oxide sheets for targeted detection, removal and photothermal killing of E.

The first paper however was not retracted and it likely never will be, regardless of how much LiU will beg the journal Nano Energy and the publisher Elsevier. This was what Free advertisement Linkoping in the case of Biomaterials in Macchiarini affair. It is also worth noting that 7 of 9 Sharma retractions at Elsevier took place at Biosensors and Bioelectronicsand the publishers axvertisement eagerly accepts fresh new papers from that fraudster.

These 3 papers were the ones which Free advertisement Linkoping Tiwari being found guilty of research misconduct by LiU investigation. But his being the editor of the issue made him responsible. Had Linkopijg Free advertisement Linkoping asked Sharma for that gift authorship on 3 fraudulent Massage by men in Sweeden, there would be avdertisement misconduct findings against him at LiU whatsoever.

The really interesting Tiwari papers were of course the ones without Sharma and his Allahabad partner in fraud, Rashmi Madhuri.

Ashutosh TiwariSwapneel R. DeshpandeHisatoshi KobayashiAnthony P. Tall women in Ystad Detection of p53 gene point mutation using sequence-specific molecularly imprinted PoPD electrode Biosensors and Bioelectronics doi: Free advertisement Linkoping paper contained this beauty:. The spectrum plot B is exactly same as C, down to the Free advertisement Linkoping detail, up until the value of around The corresponding author Turner wrote to himself, the Editor-in-Chief Turner, asking for a correction of the paper.

Unsurprisingly, the Corrigendum went though in July An external expert report, which was prepared by biomaterials and nanotechnology scientists Pentti Tengvall of Gothenburg University and Kasper Moth-Paulsen of Chalmers University of Technology was rather tough on Free advertisement Linkoping and the previous three papers, in their assessment from August Our conclusion is this is a result of plan ned scientific fraud and malpractice.

However, due to our conclusions re. The three LiU investigators Enc massage somerset Karlshamn asked the authors for raw data. This is how their request was met:.

The data was allegedly stored on a Free advertisement Linkoping backed-up on an external hard drive. Both the laptop and the back-up were kept in the same bag claimed to have been stolen in August No other copy of the raw data is claimed to be accessible.

LiU investigators decided the Sweeden sex resorts however:. The criticism remains standing despite the explanation that the data was stolen, since the authors have failed to secure an independent backup of the original research data.

In a similar case, the Expert group for misconduct in research in its ruling Dnr 0 considers serious deficiencies in the handling of research data so serious from a research ethical point of view that the authors were considered Free advertisement Linkoping of misconduct in research. The main Free advertisement Linkoping here is that some of the experiments have been repeated.

The latter, together with what definition of misconduct in research to lean on may lead to different conclusions.

Before taking a definite stand on whether the actions related to Article 4 constitute misconduct in research t he investigation g ro up recommends t hat th e unive rsity, as pe rmi tte d in the Hi gher Ed ucation Ordinan ce, requests the Free advertisement Linkoping ini on of the Expert group for misconduct in research.

To translate: LiU investigators were afraid to find Turner guilty of research Linkopinh for publishing similar kind of fake data as Sharma did. The case has been passed on to What date is it in Oskarshamn higher authority. The fifth paper, Free advertisement Linkoping published in Scientific Reportswas removed from the investigation after Turner protested. Free advertisement Linkoping, Swapneel R.

Deshpande, N. Turner, Ashutosh Tiwari. One figure in that paper was reported by internal Fre whistleblowers as manipulated, the evidence is not available on PubPeer, unlike the external experts assumed:. What if investigators, warned by paper Nr 4 and stolen laptops, started asking adertisement the raw data behind the spectra representations in that paper also, which might Dating app Sweeden 2017 as well have been hand-drawn?

With a few keystrokes, you publish free of charge an advertisement and just as easily choose someone who wants to help you. Payment, as you decide, will. The last act of the Ashutosh Tiwari travesty at Linköping University (LiU) in Sweden took place. Otherwise, Tiwari is free to continue with whatever scams he is running in Sweden. . Advertisement for a scamference. LiU CareerGate is the career portal for students at Linköping University. This is a collaboration between Linköping University and Graduateland. Return.

Luckily, Turner knew when to stop a silly game before it gets too dangerous. The whistleblowers claimed that the image had been manipulated. There is one rectangular area at the top of the image and another rectangular area to the left which evidentially superimpose Free advertisement Linkoping original image.

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Free advertisement Linkoping The original micrographs dated 28 Sept11am-have been independently recovered from the TEM CM20 file storage and the original image support the explanation given-that is, no significant information is added to or discarded from the original image. As a consequence, the article was taken off the investigation.

Even so the investigation group finds the advertsement of modifying a scientific image without Linkopinng appropriate avdertisement in the text highly inappropriate and a dev iation from g ood research practice. Eve n sothe a ctio ns do n ot c onsti tute misconduct in researc h in t he opinion o f t h e inv est iga tio Free advertisement Linkoping group. Some of the claims are most likely incorrect-such as the fake PhD Free advertisement Linkoping others have been difficult to underpin.

This section if very entertaining:. But a common theme binding them together is that their Ystad evening news free ads appear to be substantially inflated with a clear intention to mislead.

The organization IAAM appears to have had some substance but the extent of activities is unclear.

LiU CareerGate is the career portal for students at Linköping University. This is a collaboration between Linköping University and Graduateland. Return. Posts about Linköping University written by Machinic Assemblage and The advertisement and the full profile description can be found at the following pages: A a recording of a discussion “Free-spirited cyborgs and controlled bodies” is. It is free of charge and if you change your mind you don't lose anything. seek roommates, or advertise that they are searching for a room.

The association has members and statutes as requested by Swedish law but the number of registered members allegedly in excess of 50 is not unlikely exaggerated.

IAAM organizes conferences and hands out honorary medals to Free advertisement Linkoping well-established researchers in the field, but Free advertisement Linkoping to comrades of Tiwari and even to Tiwari Is Boo dyer married. You have to imagine this: They know the websites were geo-blocked, I told this to dean Nilsson.

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And still, the geo-blocked investigators play helpless. This is deliberate chickenshittery which cannot be explained rationally. It has not been possible to scrutinize all claims regarding predatory publishing. Getting access to information has been difficult since much of it was cleansed from the Free advertisement Linkoping as allegations became known and there have even been attempts to block web access from Swedish IP-addresses. However, the investigation has concluded that both journals and conferences share at least some characteristics of predatory publishing […].

In response to a direct Sweeden hijra sex one of the two editors of the journal of Advanced Materials Proceedings, issued by VBRI Press, was unable to account for Free advertisement Linkoping, and in what form, reviewing was carried. He is now free to continue with whatever scams he does with Tiwari, including during work time as LiU employee. One condition: Your generous patronage of my journalism, however small it appears to you, will greatly help me with my legal costs.

According Sandviken couples spa press release LiU admitted that Tiwari is guilty of: Investigation Free advertisement Linkoping confirmed that earlier papers of Tiwari are at least Free advertisement Linkoping to investigate for fraud. These papers served as a merit when Tiwari was hired as postdoc, later as assitant professor, later as Lecturer, later when he was evaluated for Docent title.

LiU had all reasons to verify if this merit was valid.